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5 Tips to Grow Your New Lash Business

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

  1. Social Media

Create social media accounts aside from your personal accounts. Follow EVERYONE who you think will be a possible client. Use plenty of relevant hashtags. Tag your location and encourage clients to tag you or your workspace. Social media is free marketing that you should take advantage of!

2. Take Pictures

ALWAYS take before and after pictures. Make sure you have good lighting for you pictures to showcase a clear and aesthetically pleasing image. I recommend using a ring light for your pictures.

3. Friends & Family

The fastest and cheapest way to start spreading the word is through your friends and family. Ask for their help. Get them to help post and share your page or showcase your work on their social media.

their network of friends will be able to come across your work, and they might be interested in your service.

4. Network

Be prepared to network and build your clientele on a daily basis. Always have your business cars and pricing with you wherever you go. These marketing materials will come in handy whenever someone compliments your lashes or when you meet someone new who is interested in getting their lashes done.

5. Giveaway

If you don't have any clients consider giving away a service. You can do a social media giveaway to help you promote, or offer friends or family a service. This is not time lost because chances are they will be happy with their service and schedule again in the future. This is also how your clients will beignet. spread the word. In my experience for every 1 client, I get at least 1 additional client referred by them.

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