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How to take pictures to step up your social media game:

Step 1: Lighting is key! I recommend that you invest in a ring light. ALWAYS use it when taking a picture.

Step 2: Make sure that your lens is clean in order to get clear images! I take all my pics with my iphone and they look awesome.

Step 3: NEVER forget a before & after. The before & after pictures need to look exactly the same. Mirror the images to be able to showcase your work clearly. I do lashes & brows for example, so i like to take 2 kinds of before & afters. First one is a frontal pic of both eyes, tell your client to look straight into the camera (so they don’t look cross eyed). Second one is a sideways pic with eyes looking straight. This is the perfect way to showcase the curl. You can also throw in some closed ones too, the more pics the better.

Step 4: There’s no ugly picture just edit it! Throw some filters on there or adjust the brightness/contrast and you will take your pictures to another level. There are so many apps that you can use to edit.

Step 5: Get creative! Make collages or photo edits to add a personal touch to your pictures.

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