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Must have decor everyone should have in their lash room:

  1. Greenery & plants! Fake or real, no judgment here! I personally don’t want to add on to my list of responsibilities so I stick to fake plants and dust them off once in a while.

  2. Bar cart: Get yourself a bar cart of choice and use it as you wish. You can use it as decor, use it as a lash cart, or do what I did. I put my bar cart in my waiting area as soon as you walk in the studio. The top part has hand sanitizer, business cards, mints for my clients, and an oil diffuser. The bottom section stores my towel warmer.

  3. Comfy couch/chair: You can choose a pop of color, or if you want to stay neutral that’s cool too. The point is to get a comfy statement piece to sit your clients down. This is a way to really add your personality to your studio. After all you spend all this time there, might as well make it feel homey.

  4. A statement clock: to hang on the wall. Kill two birds with this, decorate your space and include an essential piece. Time is essential, it’s good to have a clock in the treatment room to avoid looking at your phone while working on a client.

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