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"I have always found the unseen world of microorganisms interesting and I wanted to pursue a career in research. I began to attend California’s State University, Northridge and chose to major in Microbiology. During my undergrad I did student research in one of CSUN’s labs that studied genetic material from microscopic worms also known as nematodes. I didn’t have a job at the time, so my cousin gave me the idea to take a lash class back in August 2015. I began to lash fridays/saturdays all throughout my undergrad, and without knowing I was gaining hands on valuable experience for my business. By the time I graduated with my Bachelor’s in May 2018, I didn’t realize that I had built my lash business & clientele way more than I expected. I took a leap of faith and decided to leave behind my career in science and pursue a career in the beauty industry. I enrolled in beauty school January 2019 and received my Esthetician license November 2019. My degree in Microbiology has overlapped with my lashing career when it comes to understanding the importance of infection control to avoid the spread of disease and infections in my salon. After all, sanitation is the foundation of Esthetics."

-Viva Brenda 

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